DATES, stuffed with almonds and fried with bacon 7,00€
CANARIAN GOATCHEESE, baked in puff-pastry 10,00€
AVOCADO gratinated with goat cheese 10,50€


PUMKIN CREAMSOUP with coconutmilk and Ginger 6,50€
FISH- CREAMSOUP with fillet 6,50€


SALAD with Cooked shrimp, Avocado and Mango 13,50€
FIELD-SALAD with herbs, orange slices and fresh Goatcheese 10,50€
Salad with duck breast, liver and orange vinaigrette 14,50€
Salad with duck breast, liver and orange vinaigrette 9,50€


PEPPERS” de “PADRON”, fried 6,00€
French GOATCHEESE fried in sesamceed, Palmhoney 6,00€
Scrambled EGG with fresh wild mushrooms 6,00€
“BONBONS” of smoked SALMON stuffed with Filadelphia cheese 6,50€
“OKTOPUS” grilled, sweet potatoe, Korianderoil 7,00€
“Tartar” of RED SALMON, slices of AGUACATE, wasabi 7,00€
Smoked SALMON in PUFF- PASTRY 7,00€
PORKFILLET stuffed with onionsmarmelade, breadcrumbed and fried 7,00€
CHEEK of PORK, redwinesauce, mashed potatoes 7,00€
little INKFISHES fried, canarian potatoe, alioli 6,50€
CANELONIS” of AUBERGINES stuffed with CLIPPFISH, Balsamicoreduccion, konfit of “papa Bonita” 6,50€
CARPACCIO of tunafish, balsamico, Parmesan cured goad cheese 6,50€
CLIPPFISH, sweet potatoe, koriandervinagrette 6,50€
MUSSELS, baked in TEMPURA, alioli 5,50€



“Cordon bleu” ( porkloin, breadcrumbed an stuffed wih ham and Cheese) Vegetables of the day 13,50€
Chicken curry with mango chutney, rice 13,50€
Beef stogonoff with tagliatelle 15,50€
“Eisbein” (Pork nuckle) Sauerkraut, mashed potatoes. 13,50€
Fillet-steak “wellington”, with mushrooms in puff pastry, sauce and potatoes. 23,50€
Fillet-steak with Roquefort Sauce, Vegetables,potatoes 18,50€
Cheek of pork, baked in the oven, sidre-sauce with apples, pumkin sweet-sour 15,00€


Seawolf, poached in cream sauce and leek, gratinated with cheese,​​ 15,50€
Cordon bleu of dorade (the fillets stuffed with smoked salmon) fried, vegetables of the day 15,50€
Red salmon in currycream with mangofruit and leek fried banana, 15,50€
Oktopus with sweet- potatoe and koriander stuffed zucchini with ratatouille 15,00€
300g Grilled peeled prawns with alioli sauce 17,00€


Zucchini filling ratatouille, gratinated. 11,50€
BIG VEGETABLE PLATE, with all vegetables of the day, potatoes. 13,50€


Creme brulee with almond 6,50€
Mousse au chocolate 6,50€
Homemade apple pie with vanilla sauce 6,50€
Rhubarb in crispy filo paste and meringue 7,00€
Figs with red wine sabayon and cinnamon ice cream 7,50€
Ice mixed 5,00€
Mint ice cream with chocolate sauce 6,00€
Pistachio ice cream with hot cherries 6,50€
Ice cream with crunchy almond and orujo cream 6,50€
Fruit sorbet with sparkling wine 6,00€

Coffee – Tea – Infusions

Expreso, Cortado 1,30€
Carajillo 1,50€
Capuchino 2,70€
Zaperoco 2,70€
Coffee with milk 1,50€
Tea, Infusions 1,50€
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